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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hey People!

Well, the time has come - January 2013 saw the beginning of something that has been an amazing experience in my life - the opening of RAMPAGE STUDIOS!  Since then the studio has hosted  so so many amazing events and so so so many amazing figure artists and designers.  It has been an honor to be involved in the Tokyo Figure and Sofubi scene the way I have, and it's with no regrets and loads of excitement about the future that I announce this weekend's last and final event at the studio:  THE RAMPAGE STUDIOS FINALE!!!

The show will feature RAMPAGE painted releases and 1-off handaints on RAMPAGE figures and figures from tons of people who I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. there will also be a RAMPAGE x GRUMBLE TOY mini exhibition and some Secretoy Handpaints. Collaborating artists and figures to be featured include:

RAMPAGE TOYS (that's me!)
Paul Kaiju
The Galaxy People
Grumble Toy
Bwana Spoons
Science Patrol
Violence Toy

Maybe a few secrets and other goodies if I can swing it!

Show will happen at RAMPAGE STUDIOS (address on side bar of the blog --->).  Opens at 7PM - at which time entrance for special invitation and limited ticket entrance will begin.

Ticket price (per person) is $20 - payable via Paypal only.

Tickets are available from now via email request.  Tickets will allow attendees entrance for a 30 minute period - time slots to be available starting at 7PM and ending at 9PM.  Show will close at 9:30(ish).  In order to request a ticket, please send an email to and include:

1) FULL NAME (ONLY the person purchasing the ticket may enter - bring photo ID)

2) A Photograph of your RAMPAGE TOYS collection (those with none need not apply)

I will accept emails until tomorrow (Thursday 9/22) morning, at which time any further emails will be discarded.  Not all requests will result in a ticket being available as they are very limited.  I will email you with info about payment once I check your email and tally the available slots remaining.

Complicated?  Yeah, a  bit.  This event is for collectors and fans - not for you flipper dummies and smelly ojisans - to whom I say: stay home with your anime girl pillows and cheap shochu.


これから RAMPAGE STUDIOS FINALE のチケット発売始まりです!


1)フールネーム (チケット買う方しか入れないよ!会場時にIDをチェックします)


メール貰いましたらんで、チケットまだ残りましたら、支払いの知らせをメールでおしえます~ PAYPALだけでいけるよ。

よろしく! -RT

Friday, August 12, 2016




国内外で精力的に活動を続けるRAMPAGE TOYSがクラフトビアバーのPUMP CRAFT BEER BARにてクラフトビールとPAMPAGE TOYSソフビのイベント「RAMPAGE TOYS SOFUBI SALOON」を開催! ここではRAMPAGE TOYS製のソフビはもちろん、LEOそふび坊やの「Taboo」やSKULL HEAD BUTT、GRAVY TOYSなどをRAMPAGE TOYSが彩色したカスタムなどを発売予定! ちなみにクラフトビールとは小規模の自主独立生産ビールのことらしいけど詳しくは各自調査! 暑い夏の夜をクラフトビールとソフビで楽しもう!   


●会場:PUMP CRAFT BEER BAR 〒171-0032 東京都豊島区南池袋3-8-3

上のテクストはSOFVI.TOKYOのイシザカさんのテクストです! イシザカさんありがとうね!

Monday, August 1, 2016


To begin, a huge thank you to all who came out for the KONATSU at RAMPAGE STUDIOS event!  An insane amount of people showed up!  WOWZA!

And, in today's RAMPAGE news:  another event at PUMP Craft Beer Bar is coming right up!  Event info is on Facebook, here, and here is the poster:

Loads planned for this - including new figures being released for the first time!  Please keep your eyes peeled on Instagram (and sometimes the FB event page) for updates as I get things assembled and painted ^_^



Thursday, July 21, 2016



今日の KONATSU at RAMPAGE STUDIOS のいべんとの知らせですーッ!

今日のエントリーを LUCKY DRAW でやります! チケットを18時から渡します!




This is important information about today's event at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!

Entry order will be decided by doing a LUCKY DRAW!  Tickets will be handed out starting at 6PM, and the random number on each ticket will determine the entry order!

Please don't waste your day standing outside the studio for hours - it won't necessarily get you a better number!

Thank You!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Well, it's been a full trip here in good ol' America - lots of fun, family and planning for the future!

BUT - soon it's time to head back to Tokyo for the Summer, and there is A LOT to look forward to!

First and foremost, and this is going to be MEGA - Japanese artist and figure designer KONATSU will be at RAMPAGE STUDIOS for a 3-day event!  This is going to be a good one folks.  The show will feature original Konatsu artwork, Konatsu customs (of her own figures as well as RAMPAGE sofubi), RAMPAGE customs (all sorts!) AND the release of the RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA UGLY ONICORN SOFUBI and a few other new figures as well!  Craziness will ensue I am sure, and if you are in Tokyo you will not want to miss it.

This event will take place on the same weekend as the upcoming Wonderfestival, so there may be need to limit entry as the space is not large.  This will be decided prior to opening each day of the event.

Konatsu is currently working on adding text to the poster design for this shindig, but here's the image without text - which is mind-blowingly awesome!

Here are the details (in English, and then in Japanese):


DATES: 7/22-7/24/2016

OPENING NIGHT: 7/22 (Friday) From 7PM.  Numbered tickets will be distributed from 6PM (please don't expect them before that time)

WEEKEND OPEN HOURS: 7/32 and 7/24 from 12 noon until 5PM

LOCATION:  RAMPAGE STUDIOS, 3-14-9 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0032

オープニングナイト:  7月22日,19時から (チケット, 18時から)
週末のオープン時間:   7月23日と24日,12時から17時まで
会場:   ランペイジスタジオズ、〒171-0032 豊島区東京都3丁目14-9雑司が谷

See you there!!!


Saturday, June 25, 2016


First of all, a huge thank you to all who grabbed one of the new Woo figures and/or a set of the new RAMPAGE x GRAVY Brodar figures - Morel Black and Paleo Don!  Woo has sold out (yay, thank you all!), and I have put in the request for the GID casts of Morel and Don.  Those who ordered can expect shipping to happen before the end of August ^_^

Second, and it's nutty to already have this news to share - there are MORE new dudes on the way - and in the production time-line just in time to make their debut appearance at RAMPAGE STUDIOS in July!  Actually, this is a whopper of a news blast now that I think of it - so have a seat and have a read and  then rejoice with me!

First of all, it's been a while in the making, but RAMPAGE and GRUMBLE TOY have finally teamed up on a production project!  GRUMBLE Chris sent me a teeny tiny version of his mega cute Chubby Tough, and the molds and some vinyl are now waiting for me in Tokyo!  Check out this adorable fellah, who I'm dubbing 'Tiny Tough':

There will also be a teeny tiny tank (even smaller than the existing RAMPAGE tiny tank) that this little cat can board for maximum (albeit tiny) destruction!  Hopefully I'll get some test shots in hand in the next couple of weeks - so I can play a bit and share some more pictures (keep and eye on Instagram!).

Next up - and this has happened so amazingly quickly - I'm super excited to reveal a project that is pretty big-time and downright awesome-sauce:  The RAMPAGE x KONATSUYA Ugly Onicorn!

Here's the new mold:

and here's the toy (test shots)!

I haven't gotten these in hand yet unfortunately.  The timing of my current adventure in good ol' America and an unfortunate box going astray has meant that I won't be able to hold and truly get a grasp on the awesomeness of these figures (or the Tiny Toughs) until July 2nd.

But, here's the story on these (in bulleted form for max info in min verbage):

*Based on the original RAMPAGE Ugly Unicorn

*Redesigned (illustrated) by KONATSU  ('Oni' translated to devil or demon - this is a Japanese 'Oni' stryled version of the Ugly Unicorn)

*Sculpted by TTToy in Tokyo

*Produced in superior awesome quality Japanese sofubi in Tokyo


Yep - Konatsu will be back at RAMPAGE STUDIOS for a second time - this time for an opening night event and Saturday/Sunday exhibition.  The show will feature Konatsu and RAMPAGE painted figures, new releases (The above new figures) and artwork by the amazingly talented illustrator, KONATSU-SAN!

So, that's a lot of info, and all super exciting to share!  Thanks for reading, and thanks again to all for your continued interest and support!


Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hey People!

Well, with the announcement of the big upcoming move all out of the way, it's time to move on to some new stuff!  There are a couple projects that have been LONG in the works that I am finally ready to offer up for sale, and both will be in the RAMPAGE webshop for pre-order (August shipment) this coming Saturday, 6/11, at 8PM EST (as I am on the East Coast of the USA ^_^).

So, here's the new stuff - YAY!

1) RAMPAGE TOYS x GRAVY TOYS (Bwana Spoons!) -the newest SONS of BRODAR - Paleo Don and Morel Black!!!  Blank GID 2-figure sets available for open pre-order!  Pre-order will begin on 6/11 at 8PM (EST) and will run until 6/19.  This will be an unlimited pre-order for these (pictured as flesh test shots):

Each figure is 7 parts with a 2 part club omake!  The majority of the joints on these guys are interchangeable with the joints on the other figures in the Sons of Brodar Series.  Loads of fun!  The club bits on the clubs can also be changed out for any of the parts that fit as hands/fists!

Design and sculpt work on these duders was done collaboratively and/or separately (varies part by part) by myself and Bwana.  Production (wax, etc.) was handled by me at RAMPAGE studios in Tokyo.

Morel Black, designed by BWANA, comes armed with Stone Club and 3-BARREL DEATHRAY HAND!  Paleo Don, designed by RAMPAGE (that's me!), comes armed with engraved skull stone club of doom (!) and 3 faced VOLCANO MOUNTAIN LAVA GUN!  Both figures are dressed to kill in a most dapper suit and bow-tie.  Classy!

Each 2-figure set, cast in GID sofubi and coming bagged with (yet non-existent) header cards, will be $95 (plus EMS shipping cost - from Japan).  Production, assembly and shipping is slated for completion by the end of August.

Also on offer next Saturday:


After a series of delays, and then a batch of bad timing, it's FINALLY time to release this wintry kaiju into the wild!  Just in time for Summer :-P

This is the newest addition to the RAMPAGE TOYS x MARMIT Ultra Kaiju Series.  Sofubi Figure measures roughly 5 inches in height, with articulation at the head and arms.  Also comes with a tiny tiny (smaller than 1 inch) YUKI-CHAN omake!  Seemed due-time that this figure came with its proper companion character ^_^

These will be $45 (plus EMS shipping from Japan) each.  This will be a limited pre-order.  As with the Morel Black and Paleo Don order, all Woo orders will also be assembled, painted (as shown in the above photographs) and shipped before the end of August.

Thanks for checking the blog!  -RT